This blog is a collection of open letters to someone who I am incredibly in love with.  I invite you into our story as I make my way to 1000 letters in hopes of fully expressing what it means to love and be loved by someone special.  At the end of this mission, whether a year from now or 5, it is my intention to give this blog as a gift.  I have found that physical gifts mean a lot to the ones you love, but the right words have an amazing way of becoming planted in the heart, etched in the mind, and burned through the flesh into the soul of a man.  They are the becoming of a person.  I pray that if you stumble upon this blog you’ll find something that moves and excites you on your own love voyages.  Every relation “ship” is taking you somewhere.  I pray this blog helps to make your journey one that keeps you enraptured and awake for the entire ride!  Love is a journey that started at always and ends at forever.  So hop aboard and bon voyage