11. Remember

My sweet dream,

The best moments in love are the ones in memory. Memories form the foundation for forever in love. I fight every day to make new and happy ones with you. Every new memory is like discovering a rare and beautiful artifact in the sand.  These objects are placed scrupulously in my mind as symbols of confirmation. To lose love is only to abandon that pursuit of affirming memories to treasure.

We have so many memories to recount. Our memories conjure passion and ignite courage, they revere adhesion and rebuke any thought of detachment.  Our memories provoke a physical response – heart racing, blood flowing, skin warming. I love the memories and I love you!

If it ever gets cloudy, and a storm really comes, I have faith in our foundation. I will look in your eyes and find all the bricks of beauty we’ve laid. I will find the places that are worn or broken, and reinforce them with mortar made of hope and all of my love. I will take these very words and add them to my chest of treasures, and I will remember, I will always remember…

Always and Forever ∞ 



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