9. Lust


I carry a few pictures of you in mind.  They are packed away deep because when they bubble up I can’t focus on what I’m doing. These images are discombobulating.  They throw my words into a ball that drops down into my stomach, behind my knees, and beneath my feet. They warm my skin and send a deep, low, and steady humming into my belly.  Any way that I move does little to upset the frequency. I can only submit to the feeling, but I know of only one way to find relief.

These pictures are not ones you can easily catch on film.  There’s a picture of the fire in your eyes, and the confidence in your steps. There are pictures of the plains, peaks, and valleys of your form that I’ve enjoyed discovering over the years, and  you are an ever changing landscape that I love to explore.

My desire for you is a fragrance that slowly dominates the air from the flower of our love. When I catch a whiff, I am not long after consumed. It is like my lust for you sends my senses into overdrive.  I begin to see your sound and smell your touch.  I hear the look on your face. I have found that as much as I love you I want you, and I believe I always will.

Always and Forever,



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