#8 Unsure

Dearest of loves,

The world has sent me spinning into this awkward place of unsure. Questions and conceiving have my mind all in knots.  I bite my nails.  I sigh and sigh to your distress – it’s not you.  It’s that I look at life and cannot predict the future, as if I ever could.  In this strange and uncomfortable place, the only comfort is in what I know.  I hang on to those few things as I take the steps to find a path through this feeling.

One thing that I am certain of is that I know I love you.  In my feelings, I am not always certain of your love for me.  Of course it’s something that I understand, but at times I have to remind myself of its truth. I never have to tell myself that I love you. I think it, feel it, dream it daily. I enjoy the passion and certainty of it.  I rest in our love in the midst of unsure, and I let it guide me into faith and hope. There is so much that this love does for me. I only pray it does as much for you.  I believe it does; you’re still here after all these years.

I love you ,

At 1000 letters


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