#7 The search

To the only whom it concerns,

There are so many ways one can be loved, and I dream of discovering them all with you.

Just when I think I can’t love you any more than I already am, I find a spot unwaxed. I want you to shine like a brand new citrin black BMW with the love I desire to pour on you. If love were only the things I’ve given you, or the times I’ve said the words I don’t think you’d shine as bright as you do. I’m glad that these are only a few ways. I’m glad we’ve found so many more.

Because of what we share, I know that as time passes we won’t just let it. I like the adventure in us, the constant desire for more. I’ll search for ways to love you like something priceless, dangling just beyond my grasp. It’s a search I’ll never tire of because there are so many benefits to loving you. I’ll seek the the comfort of your desire for me for as long as I’m allowed by life.

Your love goes beyond what I need, it’s the sum of my wants. You think your searching is over when you find someone to love. It is only the beginning.

Love you again,



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