#5 Home


“I’m ready to go home!” It’s a daily mantra at work; when fatigue hits, or it’s a slow day, or there’s a need for words to fill the air over coffee in the break room. “I’m ready to be home!” For me, you are home.

I rest in you. I’m free in you. In your space I take the breath I didn’t realize I was holding all day long. Wherever I am and in whatever state, I could never be a vagabond as long as you are near me. The closer I get to you the more anxious I become to reach you. You are a place where I will always desire to be.

You are where I’ve taken the time to put up MY favorite curtains and hang MY taste in décor. Your walls are not cold, white, and undisturbed. They are warm, influenced by fingerprints and scratches, tiny holes and faint smudges. As much as you are mine, I am yours. There is a place in you that is sanctuary; where time and concurrence have left an imprint of me. This place, where the feeling of love permeates the air and I can breathe deep. In, out, in and out. In you, I can open my daily gift of life and experience it in a way that belongs to only us. I simply love you, my home.

Sweet dreams,



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