#4 I will follow you…

My Truth,

Tonight I followed you. It was cloudy and wet, and this extremely dense fog rested in our line of sight.  Nonetheless, I did not lose your light; and you were careful not to lose me.   It exemplified who we are; what our love means.  I saw in the darkness how lightning briefly revealed the shape of the clouds. For me, this little quest was a tiny moment of lightning; enlightening.  Rest assured, our cumulonimbus is in good shape hahaha!

Tonight what resonates most with me, is my belief in us. I am happy that I’ve found a place in you that is so real. I trust you with my life! I trust you to follow you through turbulent times full of pain and sadness. I’d certainly follow you in good times where the happiness is only heightened with the joy of our love. I’d follow you anywhere, just as I’ve followed you tonight.  I followed you until we were side by side again.  As we were driving home I recommended we stop for a moment and enjoy the beauty of a turbulent sky and the enchantingly thick fog.  It inspired me, and I couldn’t help but to try and capture the source of my inspiration in a picture.  The us’ie ended up looking sort of ominous. Someone shared that it reminded them of a horror movie, hahaha! What I see when I look at it is strength and resilience.  I see us shining through the rain, fog, and the darkness of night.  We are, have been, and always will be, the constant in any situation or experience.  This is a truth that keeps me singing… “I will follow youuu, follow you wherever you may go.  There isn’t a ocean too deep, a mountain so high it could keep, keep me awaaayyy.  Away from your love.”

Forever my love,



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