#3 You are…

My friend,

I think what we have is something we will forever be desperate to keep. I cannot describe to you how stirring it feels to hold something so amazing and so often misunderstood as love; to see it manifest daily! Hence the 1000 letters. Love can be compared to so many things but it is uniquely what it is. If I had to compare our love to anything, it would have to be water.

Water is free and versatile; filling in where it can, where it must. It shapes the shores of our hearts with evening waves of pillow talk, salty kisses, and warm embraces. It slowly changes stony places and swiftly manipulates course sand. It pings in my mind’s steel sink every moment we’re away. It is all that it can be, whenever it can. It is what we are made of. It’s survival purely. I hear it pump through your heart; it glistens in your eyes. It rolls off our skin yet penetrates our flesh. Because of it you are…

Love forever,



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