#2 Saturday Evenings

To my weekend Lover,

I’ve found myself away from you again. When we are apart, and my mind drifts to us;  I always think about Saturday evening.  Whether the Saturday coming or the Saturdays past, Saturday belongs to us.  As much as I try not to, I often find myself full of expectations for Saturday evenings with you. But as you know, we rarely ever have anything planned. Expectation + no plan sometimes equals a lot of frustration for us hahaha.  I suppose I think the two of us together is just so creative and explosive; how could we not discover something amazing to do?  I love our spontaneity! This characteristic has colored our world so many times! But again, I don’t always factor in the other stuff outside of the beauty of us. It’s okay though. I really don’t mind how we sometimes leave home at 8:30 pm dressed, hopeful, and wishing we’d left early enough to get out of town.  LOL! It is frustrating, but it’s also another memory with you. I kind of like the way we both sort of fumble through life and somehow fall into and on top of happiness. Nonetheless, maybe by the time I’ve finished these letters I will have mastered the art of planning.  Maybe I’ll start next Saturday.  Maybe…

Anyway, I love you x 2!  I have quite a bit to accomplish this evening, but I needed to consider my love for you today or it would have consumed me. Thankfully you’re not here to distract me even more! Can’t wait to see you in the morning my love.

Yours always,



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