#1 The wait

To My Love,

This morning I watched you sleep; breathe. I took off crooked glasses and kissed your nose, and told you I love you. I hoped that you would find me somewhere in your dreams. It is a tragic necessity that life for me must go on outside of your conscious. The order of our lives won’t allow for us to always be dreaming at the same time. So as you rest, I find myself at the foot of our bed giving orders and doing all the “other stuff” that I possibly can near to you. When we met, I deduced that me + you + our amazing love equaled waking up in each other’s arms every morning. I did not calculate 3rd shifts, and all that other stuff into the equation. Hahaha, nonetheless, I actually do my best to still make it happen. I do my best not to leave my bed until you’re home and in my arms for even a few moments. It doesn’t always happen of course, but you didn’t know that’s why I’m consistently late in the morning. Sensibility and productivity seem to take a backseat to my desire to be near you. I constantly have to tear myself away from the world in which nothing else matters but you and me. It’s hard! But I think it makes the time we do share so extremely valuable.

You’re snoring now, and I don’t mind it today, hahaha. I’m glad you’re resting comfortably. I’m resisting the urge to lie down again, but this time with you. There is so much to do, so much I need to do. So for now, I’ll work and wait. Sweet dreams my love. I look forward to the evening.


Yours forever


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